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Purpose Driven Financial Planning 

 Wealth Management  For Women 

   Financial Freedom Is Not A  Fantasy ~ It's A Formula       

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Solving the Major Concerns of Women 


~ I’m concerned about outliving my money
~ I’m worried I might have to downgrade my lifestyle if I choose to slow down or not work at all  
~ I put off making important financial decisions because I don’t want to make a mistake
~ I’m not good with money
~ I am terrorized I will not be able to retire and will always struggle
~ If I retire I will have to take on a part-time job to make ends meet
~ I will probably have to work past 70 
~ I don’t want to become dependent on my family or anyone else

Have any of these thoughts kept you awake, caused you to be anxious about your financial future and well- being? - you’re not alone 


Master The Feminine Approach To Build Wealth


Create your Personal Lifestyle Wealth roadmap and Safe Money Strategies which are designed to protect, grow and preserve your assets and income and allow you to achieve financial freedom and independence with purpose, clarity, and confidence.
* Purpose ~define and deepen your connection to your purpose and values~ align your values with your goals
* Clarity ~ retirement plans, pensions, investments, taxes, estate plans, college savings, Social Security, are strategically aligned to accomplish your dreams and goals
* Spending Plan ~ manage, minimize, eliminate debt, optimize cash flow, build wealth with proper savings and investments 
* Create your Safe Money Strategies ~ mitigating risks with the proper amount of insurance to protect your assets and income
* Confidence ~ in making decisions that support your purpose and vision, confidence that no matter what happens in the markets, the economy, politics, world events you will achieve your goals
* Security, peace of mind ~ to maintain your current lifestyle, have enough money for your lifetime and leave a legacy
* Hand holding~ support and accountability
* Empowered ~ with financial knowledge and in control of your financial life with choices and flexibility 

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Build your wealth with purpose, clarity and confidence

Who I Help

Women that have achieved a high level of professional success who want to be financially independent, more confident and in control of their financial lives. 

• They want to know their investments are growing at a pace that will provide them financial freedom that they won't outlive. 
• They want to spend their money wisely. 
• They want a life of abundance and that is debt-free.
• They want to be confident that they are using their money for the things that are important to them.
• They want the option and flexibility to work or not.
• They want to feel good about their financial decisions. 
• They want to live a purposeful and fulfilling life.
• They want to leave a legacy for their family, support charitable causes.  

No matter how many assets or how much money they have accumulated they all share most of these concerns.




The Feminine Approach To Wealth Building 

Start your financial freedom journey right here, right NOW!

Custom Strategies 

* Retirement
* Financial Planning
* Cash Flow
* Wealth Management
* Retirement Income Planning
* Social Security Planning 

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Areas You Care About

I specialize in coaching and educating women who have decided to take control of their financial lives. "I will partner with you to create your "Personal Lifestyle Wealth Roadmap" as well as build your "Safe Money Strategies", which are designed to protect and grow your assets and income.

Through these custom strategies, you will achieve your financial goals by collaboratively developing a strategic financial plan based on your purpose, values and unique style of living. 

"A big part of financial freedom is having your heart and mind free from worry about the what-ifs of life".

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Take the first step toward aCHIEVING financial freedom and begin living the life of your dreams 

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PARIS Financial Planning Is All About

Wealth Management for determined women with a purpose  to be financially independent


As the result of working in the male-dominated financial services profession for the past 24 years, it has been my observation that many advisors communicate with women in counterproductive ways, making them feel more insecure, confused and intimidated.

Because women are wired differently, women struggle more and have different fears when it comes to money than men.  They want an advisor that listens to them and understands the key lifestyle events that could affect their financial security. 

Women need a space where they feel comfortable to discuss both financial and even the emotional issues that revolve around their money.

By giving you a voice, together we will simplify your financial life and provide understandable solutions that give you a greater sense of control and confidence in your financial future.

"Unleash your feminine energy and increase your financial freedom"!     

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Our client-centric approach begins and ends with you and your unique needs. We are committed to having the interests of you as our primary and central focus. We go the extra mile to earn your trust.

At the very heart of the client-centric experience is purposeful listening. By thoroughly understanding your situation we can avoid the ripple effects that one problem left unsolved has on the other parts of your financial objectives, your lifestyle and future financial freedom. 
"You make talking about money fun"- Pamela Miller, Client, Berkeley California 

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Work With Me 

“Information is power, and I now feel confident that I can face whatever challenges may come.” ~Kristen Thureson, Client, CA.  

What is the feminine approach to build wealth? 

Doing money well goes beyond our need to learn traditional principles of money management and financial planning. We also need to understand and value the way we relate to money and that includes our emotional relationship with it.
By using your natural strengths: woman's intuition, nurturing, getting clarity on your purpose, your "why".  

You will be empowered to value the feminine approach to money to manage your money with their head as well as their heart, and expand your understanding of money from simple accounts and numbers to stories that show how deeply your relationship to money can influence the people and things you love in your life — when you know who you are and what you value in life – you will be able to make smart financial decisions with your money and leave a legacy. 

"Open the floodgates of abundance and feminine prosperity"

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Life By Your Design

Master The Feminine Approach To Build Wealth~ Head and Heart Wealth Management 

1. Clarify what’s important to you (your core values, your purpose).
2. Create a vision for your ideal life
3. Prioritize, define and align your goals with your values
4. Benchmark your current reality
5. Create your financial roadmap.
6. Empower you to take control of your finances with purpose clarity and confidence
7. Inspire and support you to take action

Your Life By Design” Become more intimately engaged in your financial life and empowered to achieve financial freedom and independence with purpose, clarity, and confidence.

"A customized game plan to build wealth that unlocks certain levels of freedom you never had before."   

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what Dr. Brenda Wade had to say about Patricia 

Dr. Brenda Wade, Psychologist, International Trainer  

Dr. Brenda Wade reaches millions as the relationship expert on The Dr. Oz Show -
What she said about Patricia 

Shellie Hatfield, 
Licensed Psychologist

What Shellie said after working with Patricia following her divorce.... 

5 Important Steps To Become A Smart And Savvy Woman 

1. Trust your intuition – have faith in your abilities to effectively manage your wealth on your terms. 
2. Rely on your natural strengths as a woman to make smart financial decisions to secure your financial future.
3. Take control of your wealth – work with an advisor that has a process where your voice is heard and your input is considered.
4. Get engaged in your financial affairs to gain confidence in your financial abilities
5. Think of money as a tool to help you achieve your goals and empower you to live a purposeful and fulfilling life. 

About Patricia Allen, CRPC®~ My Passion 

As a woman coming from meager means, I understood the importance of being responsible for managing my money.  I was the only girl of 7 children raised by a single woman who had no skills or education. I was fully aware of my mom’s stress over money and never having enough.
After falling into the same position as my mom divorced with two young children to support, I knew struggling to survive was not the life I wanted to live. 

With a strong desire to become financially independent, I became very confident with my ability to manage and grow my money, which inspired me to take what I learned and share it with other women. 
As a Wealth Advisor,  I want to be an inspiration to women who want to be in control of their money and be confident that they can achieve financial independence.  

That was when I made it my mission to create a warm comfortable environment where women are encouraged to share their fears and concerns, are inspired to become more engaged in their financial affairs, and empowered to live a financially independent life with purpose.

Patricia Allen, CRPC®  is a Wealth Advisor, Women’s Financial Empowerment expert, independent Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, award-winning author, and international speaker, with over 24 years of experience helping women navigate the complex world of personal finance.

“When I loved myself enough, I began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy. This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs, and habits – anything that kept me small. My judgment called it disloyal. Now I see it as self-love” 
ARE YOU READY TO SAY YES TO the adventure and greatness inside of you to achieve financial success?    


Complimentary 20-Minute Get Financially Fit Session 



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