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What Patricia's clients are saying...

“Information is power, and I now feel confident that I can face whatever challenges may come.”

I hired Patricia on the recommendation of friends who were using her and happy with her services. I am fairly savvy with money, however, the whole retirement thing had me intimidated.

I had many questions. How much money do I need? How much should I be saving? Am I on track? Am investing in the right things? Will I ever be able to retire? 

One of the biggest benefits of working with Patricia is the analysis of your finances that she does at the beginning of the relationship.

She runs this awesome report to tell you if you will have enough money saved to retire and at what age.

She ran multiple scenarios for me to help determine future financial decisions, such as, what would happen if I lost my job tomorrow and stopped contributing to my 401k?  

Would I still be able to retire at 65?  She's also easy to talk to and non-judgmental.  

“I trust Patricia implicitly. In fact, I have recommended her services to my daughter.” 

 I have found Patricia to be extraordinary in many ways. First is her caring attitude.

She not only expresses concern regarding the management of my retirement funds but shows an honest interest in my position in life.

She positively impacts my life by planning the best financial situation possible.  Second, is the manner in which she monitors the market and how I might be affected by current and upcoming changes.

She never hesitates to contact me to provide advice and assure that the required paperwork is completed and submitted timely. Her follow-up is absolutely impeccable and commendable.

Third, she is knowledgeable, professional and gives me a sense of comfort that I'm in good hands. 

It's obvious.....Patricia's intent is excellence.                                                           

“Patricia is able to create a bond that goes beyond professional expectations and delivers a solution that goes to the core of what the clients need.” 

I have worked with Patricia for the past year as a business associate.

In our work together, Patricia has shown: - genuine care for the financial well-being of her clients; - outstanding modesty and compassion in her interactions, which are invaluable in building trust and understanding between her and the clients; - financial wisdom, market insight and impeccable ability to advise in line with, not only the clients' spoken wishes, but also their lifestyle and unspoken needs.

I have never met a financial advisor or a retirement planner, who takes so much time and care to gain a true understanding of the clients' personal values, family situation, and financial goals, and to explain market concepts and investment options with such simplicity and practical examples. 

 “Patricia is by far is the most efficient financial advisor I have ever worked with." 

For more than ten years, I have been Patricia Allen's client. I came to her afraid and worried and wondering if I would ever be able to retire.

I have constantly been impressed with both her professionalism and performance in handling my financial affairs. 

I remember one instance where, as she was preparing for vacation, Patricia spent nearly five hours on the phone with me and asked for no pay in return.

She always works very hard to find solutions to some seemingly difficult problems.  I am always impressed with her client service. She returns my phone calls right away.

During the recession of 2008, Patricia was timely and proactive in communicating with me.

Her optimistic and cheerful attitude has helped me through some difficult times. She has earned my trust. 

“She is the go-to person for retirement and cash flow planning”

Patricia is incredibly consistent and professional and has a calming attitude and demeanor.

She has been a bedrock of support and encouragement on a personal and professional level. I have worked with Patricia for over 2 years.

I have a great deal of respect for her expertise. She is the go-to person for retirement and cash flow planning.

I have every ounce of faith in her that she will continue to provide me with the tools and clarity for achieving my goals and aspirations to keep me on the right path for my present and future success. 

"You have our best interest at heart"

Patricia, I just wanted to thank you for the letter of encouragement regarding the Brexit ordeal. Loyal and I both have complete confidence in you to take care of us.

Others should be so lucky to have someone like you on top of these financial matters. We know you have our best interest at heart. Again thanks and God bless. 

Patricia Meeting with Betsy Godin  

Betsy's Moving Matters specializes in moving seniors. "We love being able to help people get settled, so we can do things like help you organize your bathroom".  

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